Open Design Challenge


I’m always up for a challenge so here it is. I’d like you to offer me a website design challenge and whichever idea floats my boat, I’ll create and give you the credit. Be inventive, be creative, be wacky, I don’t care if it seems a little bit bonkers. Reply below with your ideas, I’ll take it all on board and I’ll let you know which idea wins.

Idea came from listening to Mariam Naficy (CEO of Minted).

Remove Viruses from Windows for FREE without using Windows

So many guides to removing viruses, spyware and general malware work on the basis that you still have control of Windows. So what do you do when Windows is so infested that using Windows to fix itself is just not feasible?

Answer: Don’t use Windows.

Watch the following video to see how it’s done.

Cosmetic changes to

Today we’ve gone for a fine font in the logo and a pale background to highlight the company’s true black logo text. The page heading is now in red to gain more attention to the purpose of each page.

Remote control a desktop from anywhere

New video uploaded to Youtube. See how to remotely control a PC, laptop or server from anywhere.

Share desktop screen using Skype

We have a new video uploaded to Youtube. See how to share your desktop screen using Skype.